Winter Emergency Safety

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Winter Emergency Car Kit for Back Country

Emergency car kit for winter survival

Almost every website with information about hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreation has some type of article or equipment list for survival or emergency purposes.

2. Stove for emergency kit

Set alcohol stove on sticks or kindling
on top of emergency blanket.

3. Emergency stove set up

Use titanium wood burning stove as
a windshield.

1. Stove set up

Combo uses alcohol and woodburning
stove as a windshield.

Our first article is a list of equipment that should be kept in your car at all times for winter survival. Carry pieces with you as needed, but this kit will provide survival coverage for one person for about 48 hours ... a little more if you're careful.

Winter Survival Essentials

The following items are important for their function; brand is less important as long as each tool is in good working condition and you have confidence in its ability to perform. This is not a place for old, deteriorated equipment that doesn't work. One other tip: Test your pieces periodically to make sure everything is in good condition and fully functional.