Hiking and Camping in the Pacific Northwest

And What to Do When You Get Here

Sullivan Falls in Willamette National Forest

Sullivan Falls in Willamette
National Forest

There is an outdoor destination for absolutely everyone and there are dozens to choose from in the Pacific Northwest. A few that we've managed in just the last couple months include Elk Lake and Opal Creek in the Willamette National Forest, Saddle Mountain in the Oregon Coast Range, and Indian Beach to Tillamook Head at Ecola State Park.

Orange Fungi on tree stump

Everything a fungus should be.
Tillamook Head

Each site has its own peculiarities and activities. Opal Creek is spectacularly beautiful with sparkling water and pristine scenery. Other sites, like Saddle Mountain, score high with botanists and photographers for it's 360° vista that affords a view of both the Pacific Ocean and Mount Hood in the distant Cascades. We liked the water at Elk Lake; a couple of us enjoyed a bit of kayaking while others in our group hiked Battle Ax.

Each location shows pictures, maps when we can get a decent one, and resource links to valuable sites as well as relevant books and guides.

Send us an email if you know of a destination we've missed. And if you want to share pictures or stories, we'd love to hear about your adventures!