Tryon Creek State Park

Portland Metro Urban Oasis

Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek is just one of the many large urban parks for which Portland is notable. Tryon Creek in particular is ideal for the time-oppressed who just want to get out in the fresh air to get in a mid-week conditioning hike year around.

Tryon Creek, Forest Park, and the Hoyt Arboretum are several that are located on the West side of the Willamette River. All three are accessible by mass transit and each offers a range of workouts depending on what you want to accomplish.

Unlike some of the local nature preserves, all three are pooch-friendly. Some trails are clearly designated, like a few at Tryon Creek, as handicap-accessible and are obviously kid friendly. There are bike and horse trails and it's easy to put together as long a hike as you would like. Most trails are an easy walk, though some are moderately challenging.

As part of the 40-Mile Loop, it's possible to bite off a large a chunk as you want.

Tryon Creek is strictly a day hike. Camping is not permitted. Because of its proximity to downtown Portland, it's a popular and busy area most of the year and attracts bicyclists, equestrians, and hikers as well as a variety of groups and organizations.

Friends of Tryon Creek offer a range of activities year around from birding to plant identification.

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Permits & Passes: None. Adequate parking most days. Often busy with school field trips and such though.

Distance: Many short intersecting trails. Check the map to create your route or just wander aimlessly.

Elevation gain: Variable.

Level of difficulty: Very easy to moderate

Season: Year around.

From downtown Portland, take the Terwilliger exit from I-5 south. Follow the loop around so you are pointing south on SW Terwilliger Blvd. You will cross SW Taylor's Ferry Road and continue past Lewis & Clark College campus. It is about a mile south of Lewis & Clark and the entrance to the park is clearly marked. Parking is free and no pass is required.

Tryon Creek Map

Disclaimer: The trail map shown here is for information only. Print the State of Oregon brochure for more information.


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